• Deacon Board- The Deacon Board works with the Pastor to handle the business of
    the church.
  • Missionary Board- Members of the missionary board lead specific ministries within
    the church and focus on the ministry of winning souls.
  • Member Services Department- Ensures that the needs of the membership are being
  • Visitor Services Department- Provides a welcoming atmosphere and bridges the gap
    between Rock Stone Church and visitors.
  • Usher Board- The usher board serves every individual who worships with Rock
    Stone Church by providing a welcoming atmosphere, maintaining order, and taking
    care of needs during worship services.
  • Gethsemane Ministry- The Gethsemane Ministry is committed to daily prayer for the
    Pastor and his family and lead the prayer ministry of Rock Stone Church.
  • Security Department- The security department is responsible for maintaining the
    safety of members and visitors.
  • Beautification- The beautification team improves the overall appearance of the
    church by ensuring that the church is inviting and well-maintained.